Emergency Car Survival Tool


This revolutionary hand-held rescue tool is amazingly powerful despite its mini size.

A fierce but absolutely safe spring loaded stainless steel spike allows the vehicle occupant to easily break side windows. It also contains a carefully concealed stainless steel razor blade that is able to slice through a jammed seat belt to prevent vehicular entrapment.

Vehicle accidents happen, its a fact. But you can be a bit more prepared. Your life or another persons life could be saved by this tiny miracle. Originally designed for firefighters , turned essential for everyone.

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Our leading competitor has only one difference between us, the price.
Would you pay double the price for something that is almost exactly the same?
We price this as low as possible in an attempt to get it in the hands of every person.

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Designed in the USA, this 2-in-1, is a must have for all safety conscious drivers.

Originally developed for first responders (firefighters EMTs, law enforcement agencies); this tool could one day mean the difference between life and death to someone.

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how the hell do i use this thing?

Pull down tool while seat belt is placed onto blade

Push steel pike into glass that needs to be shattered

glass shattering efficiency

With our car safety key chain's steel spike it easily shatters glass allowing occupants of a trapped vehicle to break out through a window. 

easy to carry

.Despite having the power to really change the tides of a horrific car accident, this tool is small enough to be a key chain and fits comfortably in your hand or pockets.

In the event of an emergency, pull the car survival tool away from the clip to reveal the blade. If the seat belt is jammed, cut the belt by placing the seat belt in between the plastic and onto the blade.Once the seat belt is placed in between, pull down and the belt will be sliced away!

To break a window, press the black head of the tool against the corner of the window and it will release the spring-loaded spike and shatter the glass.This spike is ideal for shattering side windows only.

Due to it's simple design everyone is able to use this,even in tense situations.

2 in 1 Car Safety Survival Tool

Is extra safety in an unpredictable driving environment worth 9.99?
We think so.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We believe every driver in the world should be equipped with the tools to face disaster if possible. Our goal is to provide this tool to drivers, and are willing to stand by a 30 - Day money guarantee. If you recieve this product and think it will never have any use for you or that it will be ineffective , return it to us for a full refund.

Safety should be a priority.
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